Candle Care

Burn, Affirm, Enjoy! 

1. How long should I burn my candle?

For the first time burning, no less than two hours ideally. Burn as long as it takes the wax to melt from corner to corner, evenly on all sides.


For future burns, the ideal burn time is three hours for optimal burning. Never burn longer than four hours.


Fun fact, the playlists are the length of an ideal burn time. If listening from beginning to end: when the music stops, its time to extinguish!


2. What do I do with my large crystal(s) from the candle?

  Once the crystal has completely revealed itself during either the first or second use, remove large crystal with a metal or wooden spoon when the flame has been extinguished and the wax has begun to cool. Rinse with mild soap and warm water. 

Keep your crystal nearby for amplified healing and intention setting.
If the crystal falls into the wick and extinguishes the flame, simply remove with a metal or wooden spoon. Then immediately relight candle to ensure an even burn on all sides.
 Small crystal chips should stay in the vessel for the entire life of the candle.


3. How should I extinguish my candle and do I need to do anything to the wick? 

With wooden wicks, it is important to trim before every future use to 1/4” height (the height the wick was when purchased) to remove charred wood and keep the flame always burning at a safe height. Trim using an angled wick trimmer!


Extinguish using a candle snuffer. Never blow out a flame or extinguish using a lid.
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4. Anything else about the wooden wick I should know? This is my first time using one! 

Wooden wicks make a crackle noise! Its totally normal if you hear your wick crackle, and it adds to the ambiance of lighting a healing candle in your home.