What is Energy Healing?

“The only way out is through.” -Robert Frost

We are spirits having a human experience. And in our human form— sh!t happens.

If our emotions don’t get fully processed when things happen, they can stick around and literally get stuck on the energetic plane—causing an array of unseen blockages & adverse effects to arise throughout the physical body.

Think about the times where you’ve walked into a room with dense energy, and you could viscerally feel the stagnant vibes, or those times you’ve felt scared and your body created a feeling like a pit in your stomach or the urge to use the bathroom...these are just simple examples of how closely linked energy is to our physical wellbeing.

Our experience with energy shifts are much like the examples above, yet can go much deeper depending on a number of factors that vary from person to person. If we don’t process these feelings in the time of their onset, they’ll stick around like junk you’ve wanted to get rid of that instead accumulates and clutters. Or maybe we aren’t even aware of the walls we’ve built blocking us from feeling, experiencing, grieving and are therefore unaware of the blocks that have taken up residency in our bodies. Regardless of the multiple sources and paths of our pain, you can rest assure that if you don’t allow yourself to feel it, you aren’t allowing yourself to heal it.

Energy healing is a holistic, non-evasive approach to unblocking these barriers, allowing the flow of energy to be revitalized and thus helping the body heal itself. Thinking about energy healing can seem very overwhelming at first and if you look for it, you can fall deep down google rabbit holes of rituals, meditations, and modalities of healing.

However, I encourage you to start where you are. Create space in your home and life for introspection, meditation, and release. When you are ready for assistance, seek out help from an energy healing facilitator like myself, who can help guide the flow of energy and be a cheerleader for you as you release what no longer is serving, feel your feelings freely, and embrace a life full of peace, pause, & play. ☮️🧘🏾🤸🏾‍♀️